West Bengal SSC SLST Examination of Syllabus for Assistant Teacher Post www.westbengalssc.com

West Bengal Central School Service Commission (WBCSSC) SLST Examination Syllabus of Assistant Teacher Post. The Candidate of State Level Selection Test for this Assistant Teacher Post of Syllabus Graduate (Pass) for Subject in Physical Education, Work Education & Graduate (Honours) / PG (Post Graduate) Course for Subject in Agriculture, Agronomy, Anthropology, Arabic, Bengali, Biological Science, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science, Computer Application, Eco-Geography, Economics, Education, English, Fine Arts and Craft, Fishery Science, French, Geography, Geology, Gurumukhi, Hindi, History, Home Management & Home Nursing, Home Science, Mathematics, Music, Nepali, Nutrition, Oriya, Parsian, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Physiology, Statistics, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sociology, Telegu, Urdu, Veterinary and Animal Sciences & Environment Studies. This Written Examination of 55 Marks in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) type, Academic qualification including professional qualifications of 35 Marks & After that, Personality Test of 10 Marks in Assistant Teacher Post. More Information are given below.
West Bengal Central School Service Commission (WBCSSC) SLST Examination of Syllabus for Assistant Teacher Post www.westbengalssc.com
Short Descriptions:-
Name of Organization - West Bengal Central School Service Commission.

Notification No. - 138/0117(6602)/CSSC/ESTT/2016.

Process - WBCSSC Syllabus.

Post of Position - Assistant Teacher Post.

Web Portal - www.westbengalssc.nic.in / www.westbengalssc.gov.in

Details Description:-
The Candidate for SLST (State Level Selection Test) Assistant Teacher Post of Syllabus in West Bengal Central School Service Commission. This Assistant Teacher Post for Selection Process of Written Examination (55 Marks) in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) type, Next Academic qualification including professional qualifications (35 Marks) and After that, qualify candidate for Personality Test (10 Marks).

Written Examination of Syllabus -
Pass (General) Course
Physical Education - This Trade for Syllabus in Fundamentals of Physical Education, Historical Aspects, Psychology Aspects, Social Aspects, Anatomical & Physiological Aspects, Health and Health Education, Teaching Methodology, Management Aspects, Recreation and Outdoor Education, Aspects of Sports Training, Developmental corrective and therapeutic exercises, Test & Measurement, Special Physical Education.

Work Education - The Candidate for Graduation in Visual Arts, Perfroming Arts, Visual Arts & Performing Arts, have to answers from Group A & Group C.

Honours / PG (Post Graduate) Course
Agriculture - Basic Concepts of Crop Husbandry, Tillage and Tillage Operations, Soil and Soil Management, nutrient Management, Water Management, Crop Protection, Agronomic Practices of Field Crops, Crop Systems and Patterns, Operations Barga.

Agronomy - Introduction, Climate, Classification of Field Crops, Seeds and Sowing, Plant Population, Crop Population, Nutrient Management, Water Management, Dry-land Agriculture, Weed Management, Cropping System.

Anthropology - Anatomy and Morphology, Primates and Evolution of man, Palaeonthropology and Prehistory, Social Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Human Genetics, Population Biology.
Arabic - Grammar (Nouns and cases of nouns, Number Singular & Plural, Different kinds of Particles, Powers, Rhetoric & Prosody etc.

Bengali - Genre, Grammar etc.
Biological Science - Invertebrates, Chordates, Cytology, History & development Biology, Distribution, Evolutionary Biology & Systematic, Parasitology & Immunology, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology, Environmental Biology, Plant Anatomy, Economy and Environment, Plant Group, Taxonomy, Microbiology etc.

Chemistry - Physical Chemistry (Physical State of Matter, Physical Properties & Molecular Structure), Physical Chemistry 2 (Thermodynamics & Its Applications to Equilibrium process).

Commerce - Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, Commercial Mathematics, Business Organization and Management, Resource Studies, Business Economics.

Computer Science - Introduction and Background, Digital logic, Computer Organization, Overview of programming, Programming Languages, Overview of software and Packages.

Computer Application - Computer Fundamentals, Computer Arithmetic, Digital logic fundamentals, Operating System, Data Structure, Programme Language, DBMS (Data Base Management System), Networks.

Eco-Geography - Concept, Resource Management, Principle Natural Resource of the World, Minerals and Energy Resources, Agriculture, Manufacturing Industries, Human Resources, Economics Geography of west Bengal etc.

Education - Philosophy Foundations of Education, Psychological of Education, History Foundations of Education, Modern Development in Indian Education, Contribution of Great Educators, Measurement Statistics etc.

Economics - Definition and Scope of Economics, Theory of Consumer Behaviour, The Theory of Cost, The Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution, Banking, Public Finance, Concept of National Income, Growth and Development, Strategy of Development, Industrial Problems in India, Indian Planning etc.

English - Poetry, Drama, Novel, Short Story and Essay, Grammar and Usage.

Fine Arts and Craft - Indian Arts, Development of Western Art, Disign.

Fishery Science - Biology fish and other culturable organism, Freshwater fisheries, Coastal and Marine fisheries etc.

French - Grammar, Latter Writing, Comprehension Test, Prose Text, Poetry, Drama, Additional Literary Texts of XXth Century etc.

Geography - Geo-Tectonics, Geo-morphology, Geographical Thoughts, Climatology, Bio-geography, Human Geography, Regional Geography of India etc.

Geology - Structural Geography, Geo-dynamics, Geochemistry and Isotope Geology, Mineralogy, Metamorphic Petrology, Stratigraphy, Geophysics, Groundwater Geology, Engineering Geography, Industrial and Mining Geology etc.

Gurumukhi - History of Literature, History of Language, Essay, Poetry, Drama, Non-fictional.

Syllabus Download Process:-
Eligible and Interested Candidate Download Syllabus for through Official Website of WBCSSC - www.westbengalssc.com or Click to Download Syllabus Direct Link here.

Syllabus Download Step>
Go to - www.westbengalssc.com
Click to Home Page> Assistant Teacher Syllabus> Choose the Subject & Open File.
Download Syllabus.
After that, Candidates are required to obtain the print-out of the Computerized System Generated Syllabus.

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Help desk Support:-
West Bengal Central School Service Commission.
Block-EE, Sector-II, Plot No.- 11 & 11/1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata - 700 091.
Web - www.westbengalssc.com


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